Team was originally created March of 2005.

Amalgamated Pretense

"Take everything and give nothing back."
Commander: Sustain
Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-faction: None
Members: 12
Energon: €913,684
Donations: €1,286,889
Total XP: 27,595,633 xp
Average XP: 2,299,636 xp
Average level:



About Amalgamated Pretense

Current Activities:

Residing on the hidden planet Daraknus this team has had a shaky past to say the least. The team leader Thundertron has pulled his forces from any affiliation, to pull them deeper into his own plots. Scheming runs deep and silently as some of the others are unsure what is going on. Valclaron has taken over as second in command, but this caused more confusion to the team as they hadn’t had a second in command since Soundwave had been.

Having got over his what some might call sibling rivalry Thundertron kept himself locked in his office until he came up with his own plans of Universal Domination. This will not require use of any army like his brother thinks is necessary. Getting down to business, Thundertron pulls his plans together and once again changes the team name. Amalgamated Pretense

Things seem to progress quite well despite the confusion. The old base was once again restored and the communications were strengthened to reach beyond Daraknus’s outer atmosphere. One thing that came up was the silent meeting. In the middle of most of the team’s recharge cycle Thundertron called for Valclaron to the base war room.

Sythonic and his twin Syphonic were left out, seemingly due to their connection to Soundwave as well as Datamatrix and what might be told to Megatron or Dynamax. However Thundertron is no longer interested in what his brother or nephew wants.

Valclaron has attempted to quiet the conspiring by drawing up some plans for battles that would take place in their home area. This has helped, for a bit but over all the team wanted the full picture. Finally Thundertron conceded with much coaxing from Sustain and in a much larger meeting gave them the information on his plans.

The base where they reside has become a rather large Energon refinement station. Sustain, Valclaron, Thundertron, and Windcon have been working on weapons development. While Sythonic, Audioslave, and Star Raider have been updating the team’s communications and repair bays. Occult, Eclipse Velocity, and SolarCat have been given the lovely job of bringing in raw materials. Now finally all on the same page Amalgamated Pretense has set its sights on taking over all of the Heavy Metal Wars.

History Condensed :
In recent to oldest order

The universe took a tumble as things seemed to set themselves in reverse. Though their stats all reset they have not altered the path from their goal.

Last thing done as part of the RDD the team Participated in joint Decepticon-Predacon defensive action against Autobot and Maximal forces, in order to allow RDD Founder Jesus Prime time to search Catacomb of Tertius, in the ruins of Vos, for ancient artifact. A solid victory, with almost twice as many bot/max than con casualties.

Eclipse Velocity and Audioslave are found and added to the team.

Thundertron retreated back to the old base of DSA after a near fatal beating at the hands of Megatron.

Team’s name was changed from The Cassetticons to The Renegade Decepticon Dissidents

To fill a gap Windcon was pulled back from The Rebels. Occult was brought in from the Covenant of Unicron. At the last moment Substance was questionably brought in.

Soundwave was removed from the team taking his Cassetticons with him leaving openings within the team.

To quell the infighting of the team Thundertron takes Psychout’s offer of returning to the RDD ranks.

A small rivalry breaks out between The Cassetticons and Apocalypse’s Minions leading the team to Autobot Island: Hero Stronghold to take back some of Soundwave’s caught cassettes as well as Sustain, which caused Soundwave to coax Sustain into finally testing her integrated weapon through him. The team only escaped Windracer’s wrath due to the collapse of their mountain base.

During another all out war Flames of War Clashing of points of view cause the team to take leave of the RDD and slide into the DSA.

Team is assigned to stay off Cybertron to keep Thundertron out of Megatron’s plans, to which Soundwave manipulates the team leader into doing.

Taking things into their own hands the team puts on another battle now known as Defection Wars.

Few team members are switched out bring in Valclaron, and Sustain

Helping to lead a charge with RDD leader Dynamax the team plows though Autobot chassis in the first unnamed RDD/AWC battle.

Found by Tammuz and passed on to Dynamax the team was integrated into the RDD

Team starts off being called Second to None.

Team History

Known as The Cassetticons for a time the team that started of as Second to None has been lead by its still current leader Thundertron since the launch of The Nemesis millions of years ago. This leader took what little power he had and added to his team only those that he knew could stand next to him in the heat of battle. However resources were limited and good repair work turned into “as long as it worked”. The small team however had managed to hold their own and get needed energy until their leader was caught and captured by what remained of the Autobots.

Megatron’s return to retake Cybertron came finally and Thundertron was released by Shockwave only to find out his two companions had been deactivated literally by starvation. Angered by this Thundertron changed himself into the now repair tank, though he refuses to repair most what happened to one of us best partners will not happen again.

After Soundwave’s work on Cybertron completed he was assigned to the side of Thundertron; in an effort to boost his team’s progress with the help of his Cassetticons. Thundertron’s team however took on a few changes, the loss of the leaders to friends Warper and Silversky left two gaps in its aerial department add to that the M.I.A. of Nemesis Overloaded and the replacement of Windcon. Seeing this Soundwave had a chance to rework the team with his own intent in mind. Filling those gaps was a little easy; he allowed his own cassettes to take a more major role. Unknowingly to Thundertron, Soundwave is manipulating him under Megatron’s orders to keep the leaders brother off and away from Cybertron while the dictator does what he wishes.

Soundwave and his crew of Cassetticons make up one half of this team, add to that Thundertron and it makes a core of seven that will not be removed unless has its spark extinguished. Normally this would have made it a little hard for Soundwave to operate, and but forces him to chose more wisely to those he adds to the team. He got around part of this to a point by already having Syphonic and Sythonic his younger siblings on the team when he joined. Their capability along with their own Cassetticons ups the numbers slightly. He also wished to keep a close optic on his the reintegrated Decepticon brother to insure that his handy work is operating at peak performance.

Their assignment is to clear the space around Cybertron’s current orbit from and Autobot presence. Thundertron is starting to wise up though and really as leader he has made Soundwave take more missions closer and closer to Cybertron. Now however they have taken base on one of the far planets in an unexplored system on the planet of Daraknus. Its Electro magnetic field hides it from most scanners allowing the team to stay hidden when not on mission. Due to Soundwave’s leadership of the Decepticon Shadow Alliance, he has made a small base on Daraknus. Thundertron is not pleased, and refuses to take part. He insists that there should be no use for the sub faction and instigates arguments with Megatron and Dynamax for it. Since touching down on the base the need for Hook and Astrotrain has diminished and per an agreement with Redimus and exitium Astrotrain has been reassigned to them. Hook managed to work his way back to the Constructicons and had attempted to maintain a low profile.

This made room for the two more Decepticons that Soundwave had planed on pulling in, first he brought in Sustain much to Thundertron’s anger, the team leader didn’t like the current need to rely on the much smaller cassettes little lone bring another to the team. A stern look from an insistent Shockwave kept the new cassette on the active list. Soundwave has taken on Sustain at his elder brother Shockwave’s request due to her nature of weaponry. Sustain hasn’t been able to sport her weapon with Soundwave as of yet, still he is interested to see what is going to happen once the fine tuning is done. However a more resent battle with Windracer and the Disposable Heroes the duo tested Sustain’s integrated sonic weapon through Soundwave. The resulting damage was devastating. Hero base was all but reduced to rubble along with the remaining Autobots inside.

Second Valclaron was brought in. This confused Thundertron as the newest member was a complete unknown to him. While the gladiator has no actual war experience, he has been champion of the gladiatorial games since Megatron left over 4 million years ago. Soundwave plans to use this easily against the Autobots once some long-range weapons have been installed.
As for what Star Raider’s involvement is, Soundwave is probably the only one that knows the real facts behind it. She is a lone jet, which takes battle extremely seriously, and is willing to step up with Soundwave. Her position is not a team requirement, as the cassette vultures can do her job. Still she is an asset to the team and her fondness for Soundwave is known quite well.

In more recent events The Cassetticons have taken on their rivals and dealt a damaging blow to that of Viper and his team of the Apocalypse’s Minions whom then with the influence of Gemini, and the other ex-Decepticons have returned to the Decepticons side and fight along side The Cassetticons. Still though the damage had been done, and Buzzsaw, along with Sustain and Rumble had been caught and taken to Autobot Island: Hero Stronghold.

Soundwave determined to get back his two cassettes along with Sustain boldly invaded the island and though the team took a hard hit he was able to recover the team and head back for repairs. It was a step in the right direction though. Soundwave was led by Rumble to the holding area where he collected Sustain the small Decepticon had already made her mind up on what she had wanted to do. She transformed into the waiting Soundwave and the all left the structure. Being chased by the Hero’s leader Windracer, Soundwave prepped Sustain through his internal com then transformed. The entire base fell to pieces, allowing what was left of The Cassetticons to pull their team together and retreat.

Unfortunately that hasn’t been the best of things for the team. With so many loose wins under their belts, Thundertron began to boastfully talk about his position and was even bold enough to approach Megatron and demand more respect. Naturally that did not go over well and in the middle of the base Thundertron attempted to make a show of power to the one Decepticon that taught him a lesson, in nothing but hand to hand combat Megatron tore down his insolent brother leaving him a hulking pile of parts and leaking fluids on the throne room floor. The feared Decepticon leader then allowed what was left of Thundertron reassembled with only one comment. ”Learn your place.” Soundwave took advantage of the resulting battle that left Thundertron spending the better part of a month in CR by going back to the DSA base and beginning to scheme up the next plan.

Something new now comes on the horizon with much advancement in technology, a twisted warp of fate has brought new enemies to Cybertron.


Heavy Metal War

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara